10 useful travel apps

Good evening, dear. We share suitable attachments for traveling which saved many people from hunger, cold and bouts of directional insanity.

Here we go:

  • Wiffinity is a compilation of Wi-Fi hotspots with passwords all over the world. Save on roaming, steal Wi-Fi from your neighbors ;)
  • Aroundme  shows all the necessary places nearby (banks, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.).
  • Duolingo is an off-colour application for learning a foreign language in a playful way.
  • Flightaware is real-time tracking of flights around the world.
  • XE - this wonderful currency converter insures the brain against overheating when trying to exchange dollars into pounds.
  • Flush is a vital service with a selection of toilets in the area.
  • Longebuddy is a legal way to seep into the airport lounges of the world.
  • Citymapper  builds a city route from point A to point B, taking into account all the options available, including deer, donkeys and dog teams.
  • WeatherPro - with this app you can determine exactly what to wear - a fur coat or bikini. But remember! If you are brought to Petersburg  in July, take both of them :)
  • Triplt is an awesome travel planner. Add hotels, flights and guided tours with hourly details.

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