10 ways to book flights profitably

Hello, dear! Catch the next batch of travel-utilities. Today we’ll talk about the best way to teleport your mortal carcass to the other end of the world, that is, about plane tickets!

So, off we go:

  • Compare prices on aggregators. We usually use momondo, kayak, skyscanner, aviasales. We drive in the data for the search and see which site offers the most delicious price. It also makes sense to compare prices on similar sites with the extension .ru and .com - there are differences.
  • The closer to the departure date it is, the more expensive tickets are. Therefore, if the task is to save money, start looking for tickets much in advance.
  • It is more economical  to fly from Monday to Thursday than on weekends. And during the holidays and bulk vacations (for example, May holidays and  New Year), prices are very biting.
  • Do not monitor tickets from a MacBook or an iPhone of the latest model - a smart-assed system reads this and can show  a higher price than if you use an old Samsung.
  • Subscribe to newsletters of thematic publicities and catch hot offers and promotions. For example, Triptodream, Vandrouki, Flywithalex, 100500miles, Travelbelka, Pirates. Also read the telegram channels of these services.
  • Do not be afraid of low-cost airlines. Of course, for the sake of an attractive price, you have to sacrifice comfort - be prepared for cramped chairs, gloomy faces of stewardesses and the need to pay for each bunch (baggage, food, print-out of your boarding pass at the airport). Read the rules carefully to avoid unforeseen expenses. When buying online, pay attention to subtle "checkmarks" opposite the additional services, so as not to accidentally buy too much.
  • Accumulate miles. They are accrued not only for flights of companies of a certain alliance, but also for purchases by a plastic card (connect it to the bonus program).
  • When travelling on a long trip, try to get a ticket to the nearest major transportation hub (HUB), and from there get a thread by a local low-cost airline, which aggregators may not show. Examples of hubs are Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris.
  • Catch seasonal sales. Subscribe to airline newsletters and stay tuned for news  because the sale period is extremely short.
  • Monitor tickets to neighboring cities. For example, flying to Miami will be more expensive than to neighboring Fort Lauderdale.

Hug you!


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