7 routing apps

Aloha! Today we’ll talk about how to make a travel itinerary, find authentic places and not get lost in an unfamiliar city.

Catch 7 applications that will save you a lot of time and nerve cells during a trip:


This wonderful site will lay a route from one point of the world to another (even if it is Woop Woop), calculate the exact travel time and give out all possible travel options with links for buying tickets.

  • Good old Vinsky Forum

There you will find an answer to any question - experienced travelers generously share info and lay out ready-made routes with recommendations.

  • Lonelyplanet– study this well-known notebook before the trip, so as not to miss a single attraction and be stunned by the travel to the maximum.
  • Googlemaps, is an amulet from directional insanity. It works even offline, just pre-set tags.
  •– A selection of audio guides around the world. Upload to your smartphone before traveling and enjoy photos and plague stories.
  • SygicTravel– through this app you can choose a direction, make a route, plan a trip schedule and book accommodation. A kind of slow cooker for traveling :)
  • Redigo– detailed maps of tourist routes with photos, easy navigation and tags.

Well, the main assistant in a travel - your language, of course! Communicate with travelers, get to know locals, smile, be open to the world, and you probably won't even need a guide;)

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