7 steps to an abominable journey

Today fashionable bloggers are vying to teach how to travel. And we will be inconsistent and tell you how to make a trip so terrible that for a long time the desire to travel outside the hometown will disappear.

So enjoy:

Step 1. Get stuck at work. One must not just get tired, but run one`s feet off  utterly, run wild furiously and begin to exude a flurry of fierce hatred of everything.

Step 2. In the travel agency  take the first package tour that has come across. In a perfect world, it should be a tour to some kind of Kemer, Hurghada or a cheap hotel in Pattaya. And, of course, fly by a charter flight!

Step 3. Do not google anything before the trip! Firstly, you are fiercely tired at work and you have no time. Secondly, why delve into the life of a foreign country? Do you need it?

Step 4. Upon arrival, immediately sit on a sunbed by the pool under the scorching sun. And do not leave the hotel anywhere else! Eat and drink beer without stopping, and also take food to your room, for as it is all-inclusive, it’s paid! Do not communicate with locals, only with Russians and exclusively with a glass of vodka!

Step 5. Take a computer with you and continue to work  because the world will collapse without you. Surf  Facebook and Instagram for hours, and also read the news in Yandex - they will not let you relax and disconnect from real life.

Step 6. In no case rent a car and  drive around the neighborhood  yourself. Take a couple of excursions right at the hotel,  you will spend time with incredible benefit! You will see several leather shops and jewelry factories where guides get kickbacks.

Step 7. Upon arrival home, immediately go to work, desirably, on the same day. And tell everyone that Turkey / Egypt / Thailand / Vietnam / Bali is garbage, and there’s nothing to see.


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