7 Travel Food Finder Apps

The next batch of suitable travel apps  has appeared. And today we’ll talk about how to eat economically, authentically and deliciously in an unfamiliar country.

Catch a list of useful resources:

  • Eatwith is a legal way to ask for dinner with a local resident. And also to take part in a culinary master class, tipple a cocktail on someone’s porch or fit into a home party.  More than 130 countries are involved in the project.
  • Withlocals– with the help of this wonderful resource you can not only tumble to the locale for lunch, but also get into a non-tourist trip to back streets, markets and parties of the city. The application works in 50+ countries, mainly Europe and Asia.
  • Localeats– here you will find a bunch of options in the area with recommendations from local residents and other culinary sages with photos and ratings.
  • Foodspotting– here you can find ratings of not only nearby restaurants, but also specific dishes. There are photos and reviews of travelers there.
  • Gettable helps you to find a restaurant based on your preferences, budget and location, as well as to book a table.
  • VizEat was called "Airbnb for Lunches." Locals offer to eat with them. There is a system of ratings, reviews and filters. The maximum price for a meal is 50 euros. You can also find people who cook up food to your request - to do this, place an ad.
  • Gateguru - the closest options for eating from the airport where you are.

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