7 Travel Housing Life-hacks

We share our favorite ways to book a suitable accommodation:

  • - though adored by everybody, but far from the only option. There is also And in Asia, works smartly - it gives out profitable options that there aren`t on Booking. Sometimes goes all out, offering the most delicious prices.
  • Read reviews on Tripadvisor, pay attention to genuine photos of users. The pictures on are often greatly embellished and when you check in you can expect a fabulous surprise in the form of mold in the bathroom or a toilet bowl on the balcony.
  • It is worth checking the official website of the hotel you like. Sometimes it  gives out tempting promotions, for example, "book 3 nights and get the 4th as a gift." Not bad, then?
  • - an ability to rent an authentic monastery directly from the owners. However, do not rush to pay the invoice immediately! Click on the button "contact the owner" and mercilessly bargain! Tell the owner that if you pay the full price of the apartments, then your big Indian family will have nothing to eat :) But you soooo like this accommodation! And you certainly need a discount! From our own experience, 10 out of 10 hosts make a discount.
  • To compare prices in different reservation systems, use meta-search engines: Hotellook, Roomguru, Kayak, Momondo.
  • There are auction sites called “Tell me your price” -, Select the desired area, hotel category and indicate the price you are willing to pay. If the hotel is found, then the funds will be debited instantly. If not, raise your bid, no money - no honey. As a rule, with this method of booking you will save from 30 to 70%.
  • To rent flats and apartments, use the specialized sites:,,, Through Homeaway, for example, I rented a pretty studio in Cannes right next to Croisette for only 25 euros (!) per day.

You are welcome to use the information! And travel !!!

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7 Travel Housing Life-hacks
7 Travel Housing Life-hacks
We share our favorite ways to book a suitable accommodation...
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