A Yacht Owner's Tip

Any yacht owner will tell you that boat maintenance is expensive. But if you do not hold it regularly and on time, the adhering will pull the yacht to the bottom.  The same situation is with us - staying in place day by day, we imperceptibly overgrow with other people's ideas, torment and failure, like the bottom of a ship is covered with shells.

So our advice is to shake off the adhering “seashells”, to remember ourselves. This means returning to a state of life here and now. It is to feel again how it is to live in your body. This is to set priorities again, to realize what is really important and valuable and what is secondary and far-fetched. This is to find out how the sunrise is felt in the mountains, sweet hot tea on a cool morning by the sea, and how easy it is to live if you don’t rush anywhere ...

Sometimes, in order to feel once again the beating of life at your fingertips and to see clearly what is really important, you need to go to a place you have never been to and do something that you have never done ... Shake off your “shells”. Live now!

After all, when you live by every single cell, you love even those moments when nothing seems to happen. And you are so interested in this life that you do not want to sleep at all, and time is as fast as water in a mountain river, and the past turns into paintings and books, and ignorance of the future transforms from fearful uncertainty into an expectation of adventure.

When you live truly, you accept absolutely everything: the sun and rain, joy and tears, hugs and curses as part of a whole. In such a world even pain shows not how unhappy you are, but how alive you are and how you are able to feel. And in such a world you are not perfect. And  you are madly happy about it.

True love is the love of life and the courage to build your world. Everything else grows out of this. Once, opening your eyes, you can see that the world has changed a lot, like some magic. And it turns out that you are acquainted with the wizard for a long time;)

Margo Becker
Author Margo Becker
Freemocean is a project of exclusive author's travels under the auspices of Friends & Family, combining people with the same level of values. We sell not just travels, we create metamorphosis and unforgettable impressions.
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