Myths and legends of Bali, part three

  • Places of power in Bali are simply deceits for tourists

There are several powerful places in Bali. Waterfalls with tender and gentle energy, holy springs, cleansing the brain and body, temples where thoughts come true especially quickly, abandoned ruins where chills run down the back, beaches where bright insights come in during meditation, jungles  where peace comes. There are places thoroughly saturated with love and tranquility, there are towns where a creative stream opens, there are locations where it works well and concentration increases. Everyone in Bali will find what they are looking for. Or it will find them!

Bali also teaches to love. Not someone specific, but everyone around them, themselves, the ocean, nature, the higher mind. It is important to understand one thing - it is worth coming to such places with a request and focusing on finding answers. Then they will come in casual conversations, in a dream, in the words of strangers.

  • There's nothing to do in the rainy season in Bali

This is not true. The wet season lasts from December to February, and this does not mean that it is impossible to stick your nose outside without the risk of choking in the streams of water. The season goes differently. For example, in 2014 the island was heavily flooded, the winters of 2015 and 2016 were almost dry, and in 2017 it rarely rained.

Carry a raincoat (it is sold at any supermarket for $ 4-5). And at least once take off your clothes and take a walk under the drops of water in a swimsuit or swimming trunks. And surfing in the rain is incredible romance! And remember -  rain in Bali is better than dull Moscow slurry or a thirty-degree frost in Magadan :) Tropical rain is warm, gentle and gives a feeling of freshness, tranquility and renewal.

  • Bali is teeming with snakes, mosquitoes, scorpions and other evil spirits

These living creatures do live there. But personally I met only mosquitoes face to face during my 8 visits to Bali. It is MANDATORY to defend against them. They can carry dengue - a dangerous tropical infection that will turn you into a febrile zombie for a week. Not what I would call fun – it was tested on my own skin. Therefore, buy mosquito repellent spray at the supermarket and spray every time it gets dark.


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