Myths and legends of Bali, part two

  1. Bali is a paradise island a-la Bounty, surrounded by snow-white beaches with luxurious palm trees and azure calm water

If you are a fan of beach vacations at the all inclusive hotel and love to sunbathe on the sunbed all day long, then do not waste time and money in Bali. Go to Egypt or the Dominican Republic! Paradise beaches in Bali, of course, DO EXIST. But you need to know them! And understand what time of day to go there, because the tides significantly affect the water level in the ocean, and on some beaches at a low tide you risk only to wet your feet or to cut yourself on the reef. The tide schedule can be found at

  1. Bali is a tiny island that is easy to get around on foot in half an hour

This is not true! Bali is huge. For example, a journey from the northernmost to the southernmost point will take from 5 to 6 hours by car. And from west to east you will walk half a day. Even the nature in different parts of Bali is so different that sometimes it seems that you are in another country.

There is nothing to do without transport in Bali. Therefore, we strongly recommend renting a bike or a car in order to move around freely. If you don’t drive a car, it doesn’t matter, you can arrange it with a local driver who will drive you around the island for $ 50-60 a day. Download Grab, Gojek or Uber - taxi apps. The first two work flawlessly in Asia.

You do not drive a bike? No problems. You can also call a motorcycle taxi driver through Grab and Gojek, who will quickly and inexpensively take you to your destination, having previously given you  a helmet.

And remember: you do not have to go to Bali for idleness, beach holidays, gluttony in the spirit of all-inclusive. But if there is a request for transformation, revision of values ​​and priorities, getting rid of the unnecessary - then go. If you have not known, this is a powerful place of power. It is the world sacred center responsible for cleansing.

  1. Bali is fish paradise, seafood is sold on every corner and costs three pennies, as in Thailand

This is not entirely true. There are fish restaurants, but you need to know them. And they are not hyper-cheap - ordering 5 kg of lobsters for $ 10 will definitely not work. Bali’s charm is different - in cozy family cafes (varungs) with traditional cuisine, in trendy coffee shops where bearded guys with macbooks sit, in stylish organic restaurants with roof-top desserts and views of rice terraces, in surfer bars on a steep rock serving fish & chips and Bintang beer. There are fashionable restaurants for every taste.

Catch our favorite spots:

In Ubud: Bridges, Sayan House, Clear Cafe, Lazy Cats, The Elephant, Cafe Kafe, Akasha, Mudra, Cascades, Usha Bakery.

On Bukit: Bukit Cafe (it’s delicious there, it reduces cheekbones), Kat's Kitchen, Secret Spot, Cafein, Single Fin, El Kabron, Cashew Tree, Saffron, Balangan Cafe, Jiwa Juice, Mango Tree, Land's End, Outside Corner.

Jimbaran Fish Restaurants: Lia and Menega. In others, we do not recommend it.

Canggu: Shady Shack, Monsier Spoon, The Slow, Roti Canai, Lawn, Crate, Moana, Secret Spot, Cinta Cafe, Hungry Birds, Pomelo, La Brisa, Milu, Peloton Supershop, La Casita, La Laguna, Joglo.

Seminyak: Sarong, Metis, Cafe Bali, Potatohead, Ku De Ta, Sisterfields, Char Char, Kynd, Biku, Aya Street, Earth Cafe, Made's Warung, Warung Ocha, Red Carpet, Bistrot, Bali Buddha..

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Myths and legends of Bali, part two
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