Ten rules for shopping abroad

  1. Get ready, make a list of necessary things and collect them in total bows. For inspiration, use Pinterest, fashion portals and peek at the profiles of famous bloggers. This will save you from unplanned expenses and questions: “Well, what should I wear it with now ?!” and “What will I eat all next month?”.
  2. Compare prices in your city and abroad. It probably does not make sense to go to the other end of Europe to save a small amount.
  3. Download offline maps and mark the desired boutiques on them so as not to waste time searching.
  4. Remember about “Tax free”. To apply for it, carry your passport with you and look for stores with the Global Blue label and others like them. On the day of departure, come to the airport in advance - in some cases getting a tax-free takes a lot of time (Seoul and Valletta, for example).
  5. Size guides in different countries are different! Be vigilant - while in a German dress of size 40 you can wrap yourself three times, an Italian one will fit you only half a foot. Try on things before buying.
  6. Visit outlets. It is especially wonderful to buy basic things there, where a new and the last year's collections differ minimally.
  7. Pay with a currency card - there will be no double conversion.
  8. In some American states, you may expect a surprise in the form of an additional tax (everywhere it is different). Read the labels carefully.
  9. The cheapness of domestic duty-free is a myth. For example, an Ajmal perfume in Dubai duty-free costs 3 times cheaper than in Moscow.
  10. Bargain, even in Gucci and Prada. And even if they do not give you a discount, you will be proud of yourself for your courage and insolence!

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