Top 7 places for New Year Travel

  • Bali, of course:

We can speak solemnly for hours about the beauty, magic, profusion and incredible vibrations of this place. The perfect combination of natural beauty, surfing, a multinational community, parties and cozy restaurants. Despite the fact that January is considered a rainy season, no two years are the same.

Cons: a long and expensive flight, traffic jams during the New Year period;

Pros: surfing, beautiful nature, beautiful people and many, many, many more things!

  • Thailand:

A paradise for lovers of a relaxing beach holiday, island travel, freaky street food, parties and high-quality massage.  January is the very season there. Our favorite is Koh Chang island, where there is silence and the purest azure sea.

Cons: here and there it smells nasty, some places just resemble Sodom and Gomorrah;

Pros: delicious food, reasonable prices, many compatriots

  • Georgia:

Few people know that in the city of Gudauri in winter you can go snowboarding or skiing without any risk of being left without pants and starving for the next month. Picturesque landscapes, delicious food, warm and friendly people - it is a bomb, gentlemen.

Cons: you will not manage to lose weight and sober up;

Pros: reasonable prices, a short flight, they speak Russian.

  • Belgrade:

You have heard right. Such a concentration of tall, beautiful, stately people and crazy parties per square meter we have not seen anywhere else. What is going on there for New Year is a fiery fire. We do recommend.

Cons: The effects of the Balkan war are still visible. You also risk falling in love with a local resident and staying there to live.

Pros: a short flight, no visa needed, super low price, super friendly people.

  • France:

Namely, Chamonix. The fabulous, doll-like Christmas atmosphere is bewitching, and the spicy smell of mulled wine is remembered for a long time. It is incredibly tasty and somehow very homely.

Cons: a Schengen is needed, the price tag bites;

Pros: delicious French cuisine, breathtaking landscapes.

  • Philippines:

The wonderful thing is that among 7600 islands everyone will find what they like - surfing, kiting, windsurfing, natural beauties, historical places, pacification. Our favorite island, of course, is Siargao, which is in the top 10 surf spots in the world. Filipinos are darlings, although walking in big cities in the evening without security is scary and dangerous.

Cons: Flights and relocations are not an easy quest; transport to some islands takes place once a week. Be careful, you may be robbed or beaten.

Pros: climate, crazy nature, water sports.

  • New York:

It is beautiful at any time of the year, but the Christmas season is a fairy tale, guys. The streets sparkle with multi-colored lights, Jingle Bells sounds everywhere, and people drag gifts to the household. Go to the rink or one of the main squares - the beauty is incredible.

Cons: it is difficult to obtain an American visa, one of the most expensive countries, an abundance of plastic food.

Pros: New York is diverse, multinational, vibrant, open-minded and friendly.

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