What do surfing have to do with life?

  • Surfing - about selectivity;

When you know what wave you need and where to catch it, you stop throwing yourself at anything. In our life it is the same thing - when you  found "yours", it is not a hunt to compromise.

  • Surfing - about flexibility;

It is not convenient to surf on a small board - take a bigger one; it has not worked out with a solid board - take a soft. Flexibility is needed in life, otherwise you will break.

  • To do, not to be afraid;

It’s better to get into the ocean and try to catch a wave than to sit on the shore, think and be afraid.

“The biggest risk is not to take any risk,” said old Tony Robbins. Better to try and fail than not to try at all.

  • Competition;

There is always a crowd of people in the place where the coolest waves are. If nobody is there, then there are no waves there either.  There is the same  most fierce competition in the most delicious niches of  life and business.

  • Surfing is 90% of rowing and only 10% of riding;

To get on the wave you need to work properly with your elbows. If you are reluctant  to row - go home, devour and lie down on the sofa! In our life the story is the same - endless rowing towards goals and a few minutes of triumph, and then rowing again.

  • To become a cool surfer, you need to study hard.

And at first you need a coach - someone who will teach you how to catch a wave, get on a board, turn, read the ocean. The one who will push and shout: "Row! Row , shit!! You can!!!" The same is in our life - we need someone to believe in us more than ourselves. He directs, supports and motivates.

  • The champion in surfing is not the one who caught most waves. But the one who got maximum pleasure.

To identify the winner, you need to add happiness detectors to the heads of surfers :) So we measure life not with a list of goals achieved, but with the amount of happiness in each moment.

Have fun surfing the waves of life, gentlemen!


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