What is a real reboot?

We have not bought package tours for a long time, and even more so for a long time we have not been looking for reloads in all-inclusive hotels.

We realized that a real reset lives where the sun rises from behind the mountains right in front of your eyes, where the birds sing, where in the evenings you stretch your tired legs on the balcony of the tea house and talk with other adventurers about the wonderful places of our planet that they  have visited,  where you wash your face in a mountain stream in the morning and don’t make an effort to listen to your breath, because you can already hear it, you are the breath itself.

Mountain hikes are a unique opportunity to test your strength, get to know yourself better, feel the nature, and, finally, understand that everything that you have surrounded yourself in your big city and so hold on to is nonsense. In mountain hikes we recall that we cannot live without water and food. And all that we need for happiness is actually fits in our trekking backpack. This is oxygen, comfortable shoes, the sun, mountains,  a good company, beautiful views, simple food, sleep and a smile.


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Freemocean – проект эксклюзивных авторских путешествий под эгидой «Friends&Family», объединивший в себе людей с одинаковым уровней ценностей. Мы продаём не просто путешествия, – мы создаём метаморфозы и незабываемые впечатления.
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