Why is it Asia?

Our project is about traveling around Georgia and Asia. And Mom Asia is very different. There are also multi-star hotels, the territories of which are like separate cities, and sometimes even entire states. And there are huts in the mountains where there is nothing at all besides you and the starry sky. Asia brings its own guest, but one thing is certain - it makes everyone come in contact with themselves.

Freemocean are experienced guides along this way. Each of our routes is a path to a more real, a more beautiful version of ourselves. Trekking in Nepal, the sacred bark around Kailash in Tibet, a motorcycle ride to Ladakh, a retreat to Bali, horseback riding in the inaccessible region of Georgia - these are examples of what we are doing. During the trip, we show the country as it is, from all sides, help to avoid typical "beginner mistakes" and at the same time give participants the freedom to make their discoveries.

We do not run around the sights. Instead, we feel  the world which is new for us - its tastes, smells, colours and speed. And, just as there are, for example, slow food and slow sex movements, we are, perhaps, slow travel because the most important thing that our guests bring home is not souvenirs, but rather feelings from a new country and from their new knowledge and capabilities. This is the very thing that abruptly changes lives for the better then.

Why is exactly Asia?

Mom Asia is a pure life, 100% organic. There is no escape from it. Luxury hotels are adjacent to houses made of mats, expensive cars - to killed roads, children - to cows and dogs, paradise fruits with fried maggots, life has something in common with death, and love - with universal solitude. Here, something happens to us from which we are trying to escape in a metropolis, hide behind glossy pictures, phone screens and eternal employment. The Reality happens to us, as it is. Asia reminds us that we are not immortal, that plans are just plans, that beauty is not the outside world, but our own ability to see and appreciate what we see.

If we are very lucky, in Asia we can remember how it is to be real, what we really are. Sometimes this understanding is worth all the money in the world. Mom Asia gives everything you ask, so that in every beat of a washed clean heart you wake up in the morning and hear: "Everything is very simple. The world belongs to the one who is happy with it." Mom Asia in one way or another shows us that there are no frames. And nothing worse than the prison of your head will ever happen to you. And we just translate everything quite well from its language.

Margo Becker
Author Margo Becker
Freemocean is a project of exclusive author's travels under the auspices of Friends & Family, combining people with the same level of values. We sell not just travels, we create metamorphosis and unforgettable impressions.
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