The island of Bali in Indonesia is a power place.

Just like Tibet, Bali calls for people ready for the final transformation, who have entered the home stretch in search of their true path and attainment of spiritual integrity. It is a flow place, a portal to another plane of existence, love, joy, happiness concentrated in every minute, as well as a well-loved paradise and a refuge for surfers from all over the world.

The founders of the Freemocean company have spent, in total, several years on Bali, still practicing overwintering and surfing on the island. We have also been learning from the island and its healers to be able to offer our clients retreats on the island with the best masters living here, with the best and most efficient practices, with visiting Bali’s most sacred places.  Bali has completely changed us and our life, and we want to show everyone our beloved island, to help them see it as we see it.

What we do on Bali island:

  • Retreats;
  • Spiritual and transformation journeys visiting the island’s sacred places.
  • Surf tours and surf camps;
  • Camps for family recreation with children;

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