The country that is home to our three founders and tour authors. The country where we spend, on the whole, more than 700 days a year.  The country we’ve taken over 1000 people to, having sent none of them home hungry, displeased or sober.

What we can do for you in Georgia (except that it’s everything):

  • A tour to glaciers;
  • Helicopter and private plane flights;
  • A motorcycle tour;
  • A real multi-day horseback riding expedition;
  • Organization of a wedding or a big corporate event;
  • Adventure quest: urban, regional or country-level;
  • Buggy or snowmobile trips;
  • Mountain trekking in hard-to-reach parts of the country;
  • Off-site winter camp for alpine skiers or snowboarders;
  • Gastronomic or wine tour;
  • Grape harvesting in a real winery;
  • Eco-tours to local villagers with cheese making;
  • Culinary tours;
  • Photo tours;
  • Shooting a video, a film or a commercial.

Our superb team, well-established in the years of joint work but ever growing and expanding, will be happy to organize a tailor-made tour of any length, complexity and focus as requested – both for unsophisticated and the most demanding travelers.

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