The Himalayas are our favorite destination. The Kingdom of Ladakh is called “Little Tibet.”

Ladakh is the place for those who want to feel what real Tibet is. Several times in history the kingdom passed into India’s possession and returned back to Tibet, but it has never been conquered by China, so the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism have remained here uncorrupted..

Our moto- and jeep journeys go through the Leh–Manali Highway which is a thousand kilometers of a constantly changing landscape that sometimes resembles another planet’s topography. It is considered to be the world’s highest road, on the way to this mystical place we will go over mountain ranges 5,600 meters above sea level and drive higher than eagles can fly.

What we do in the Kingdom of Ladakh:

  • МMotorcycle tours;
  • Jeep tours;
  • Trekking (hiking);
  • Spiritual journeys.

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