Margo Becker

Margo Becker

The founder and ideological inspirer of the Freeocean project. I am deeply in love with the art of healing and with life itself. He treats the project with special trepidation, putting his soul into it.

She has lived in six different countries, and now lives between Moscow, Bali and Georgia.  A lover of extreme sports: wakesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, horse riding, mountain trekking, Thai boxing, motorcycles.  Buddhist, vegetarian, yogi, holistic therapist with academic psychological education.

In addition to unusual trips around Georgia within the framework of the Black Square project, Margot leads a group to Tibet every September with a bark walk around the sacred Mount Kailas, organizes corporate events in Georgia and is a co-presenter in all retreats in another place of power on our planet - on the island of surfing and love Bali, in Indonesia.

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