Journey to Tibet "In Search of Shambhala"

Going to Tibet is not a usual journey. This is a spiritual journey, not physical. A journey where you search for your new self, not just new impressions and experiences. Going to Tibet is a way through yourself to yourself. This is a way of purification, which is priceless.

You can only come to Tibet for a reason. Tibet is always “calling” you. Calling those who are ready to see the world as it is, without embellishments and illusions; it is calling those who is ready at last to confront the emptiness and in so doing attain everything.

The Tibetan land and Mount Kailash call you when you are ready to the final purification of your soul and enlightenment. This is a journey to transform you once and for all, and give you power to transform your whole life.

Mount Kailash (6,714 m) is our journey’s centerpiece. It is the sacred mountain, the “Heart of the World” and the “Axis of the Earth” for six religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Tengrism, the religions of Bön and Ayyavazhi. Kailash is the place where cosmic spheres come in contact.

The Kora (circling) round Mount Kailash changes a person’s thin structure, which brings about abrupt changes in his/her life afterwards. They say this is a path that purifies your soul. The Outer Kora is an attempt to change your life, your way of thinking, it is a chance of a kind of an inward journey into self. It is believed that during this three-day journey our soul symbolically lives one more life, leaves behind its real karma and gets one more opportunity to change our destiny. As tradition has it, having walked thirteen Koras around Mount Kailash you can attain enlightenment in one incarnation.

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