Holistic retreat on Bali island

If you request profound changes, if you want to find your way and start living a fulfilling life, open your heart, attain a breakthrough at all levels of development and basically just have some rest and have a good time in company of like-minded people – then this is a journey for you! 

Bali is an ideal place for retreats. The energy here is very soft and free-flowing, people coming to Bali seek peace and relaxation, rebooting and zeroing, balance and equilibrium, new insights and experiences, they regain their strength for speed marches and great accomplishments.

Local people believe that water is a conductor of gods’ power, information and energy carrier, witness of the planet’s history.  Water has purifying power, it washes man of spiritual, mental and physical dirt. In ancient times, the religion of the Balinese people was called “Agama Tirta” – “sacred water religion.”  Every place, every practice and every meeting during our journey will be cleansing you, renewing you and releasing your inner potential.

The goal of a holistic retreat is to reveal, discover and get to know yourself. The one we know least of all. To view yourself wholly and comprehensively. When we look wholly at ourselves we perceive our life in the same way, which makes us deeper, happier and more understanding.

What’s ahead of you:

  • Fourteen days in paradise, in company of kindred spirits you will share a tremendous experience, a gamut of feelings and emotions.
  • You will emerge profoundly cleansed, rebooted, free from your fears, filled with energy for many months to come, having attained a balance of body and consciousness;
  • You will visit the island’s sacred places, take part in purification ceremonies and plunge into Bali’s culture.
  • You will unlock your potential through the practices of yoga, meditation, pranayama, energy body therapy, inner guidance;
  • You will manage to build a new concept of life, without fears and limitations; You will get rid of illusions, emotional and physical blocks, toxic beliefs, old traumas and grudges.
  • You will learn to hear your true desires, unveil your talents, resources and abilities; Finally, you will get to know your real self;
  • You will see ways to develop and fulfill your ambition, you will learn what living “here and now” means. You will regain strength, willingness and energy to start living your life to the full and breath easily again.

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