Holistic retreat on Bali island

Holistic retreat on Bali island

16 – 30 november 2019


Places and people we will visit during the retreat:

We will do a purification ceremony at Sebatu holy springs:

Legends have it that Kawi Sebatu can help experience revival and give the feeling of serenity. The Balinese people think that the power of water can heal people both on the physical level (diseases) and cleanse karma of bad thoughts and deeds.

Pura Besakih Temple

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  • Ubud:

A cozy town on the streets of which Liz Gilbert sought love and peace of mind in the film “Eat, Pray, Love.” The Mecca of artists, musicians and craftsmen.  Every square meter here is filled with beauty and authenticity, and the air is filled with incredible calm.

  • A trip to a Balinese high priestess Ibu Jero Ayu:

We will visit a Balinese high priestess’s house; she will perform a purification ceremony and give her blessing.

  • Ascent to Mount Batur volcano:

At Mount Batur volcano, there is cleansing of the fire element and the quality of freedom. We will make our ascent to the summit in the first rays of the rising sun to admire the stunning view of the mountains, the lake and rice terraces. Batur is an active volcano, so we will see hot vapor billowing out of mountain cracks, and cold lava-covered surface. You will know how it feels – standing on top of an active volcano! It’s incredible!

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Energy body therapy by Sergei Shumilov:

As a result of energy body therapy, you will get rid of energy blocks in your body, the energy will start flowing freely. You will have the feeling of wholeness, experience liberation and a tremendous rush of power. Your level of consciousness and the perception of the world will change, the quality of life will improve in all spheres.

This practice is meant for you if:

• You have pain syndrome in any part of your body;
• You are suffering from depression;
• You have periodical or permanent anxiety;
• You are prone to emotional outbursts;
• It’s a long time since you’ve developed emotional and stress blocks;
• You are dissatisfied with life;
• You are often ill;
• You cannot release your potential by yourself;
• You are avoidant and inhibited;
• You want to restore your energy and breathe freely again.

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  • Inner Guidance with Margo Becker:

A new method of working with the subconscious mind on the basis of tantra and dzogchen invented by Amara Samata. This is a holistic approach: an amalgamation of guided visualization, inner dance, theta healing, sound therapy, work with the body and music therapy.

The method ensures maximum quick and effective rendezvous with yourself, taking away fears, attitudes and doubts, resolving inner conflicts – all those things that interfere with reaching your utmost goal – attaining freedom, happiness and harmony.

This is a method for you if:

  • You are tired of being “convenient,” conforming to others;
  • You can no longer stifle the voice of your heart;
  • You feel you have a deep request for transformation, help and support;
  • You are trying to find your own way;
  • You are tired of feeling anxious and worried, tired of struggle and confrontation;
  • All around you is not the way you want it, and you feel you are in a rut and you don’t know where and how to move on; You have a feeling that everything is falling apart;
  • You have trust issues, a closed heart;
    You are tired of the feeling that you will not be able to, will not cope with, that you are not enough and that you are not worthy;
  • You want to get to know your real self;
  • You are tired of drama and you want to learn to fly again;
  • You are looking for awakening and enlightenment, you want to attain wholeness, harmony and love;
  • You are ready to reunite with your natural power and kin;
  • You want to bring old relationship to a conclusion, let go of old hurts;
  • You know that there is hidden power within you, but for some reason it does not obey you;
  • You have low energy level;
  • You have a feeling that everything is falling apart and there is no one to trust;
  • You’ve tried all you could;
  • To reach your goal and discover your mission you are ready to go even where you will be hurt and scared; Or if you are no longer scared of anything because the voice within is not to be stifled;
  • You are tired of struggling and are ready to let in the light;

Inner Guidance is less healing (it is based on the belief that we have nothing to heal, all is fine as it is) than helping to manifest the thing that can no longer be kept inside – your true self.

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Intuitive drawing (sacred geometry)

The Flower of Life is a scheme of Creation, a geometric plane. A drawing of creation that originates a harmonious field. It is designed the way everything is designed in the Universe. This is a symbol of infinity and all the passing energy in its initial form. 

The practice of creating the Flower of Life releases your potential, opens up your heart and fills you with joy. We will be working with the request coming from deep within, from the very heart. The process will give birth to the flower of life which is as beautiful as life itself!
You will spend your time feeling joy and abundance and will see it in your creation. Your canvas painting created by influx of the energy of love will stay with you as a keepsake.

Yoga, meditation and pranayama:

Yoga and meditation are ways to yourself, joining mind, body and soul, helping to attain peace of mind, develop bodily strength, endurance and agility, love in your heart and harmony inside and outside.

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Cost of the journey is $3,000

Payment is to be made in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia at the date of payment.

Dates of retreat:

  • 16 – 30 November 2019

Included in the price: living in a double room, breakfasts, all the above-mentioned practices, off-site tours and ceremonies in accordance with the program, as well as transfers to the place of stay and back form Canggu or from the airport.

Not included in the price: plane tickets, insurance, lunches and dinners.

A bonus: Professional photo and video shooting during all off-site events to present you with an archive of processed photos and a video film.

Accommodation: Depending on the group lineup, we will either be renting own villa with a swimming-pool, or stay at a 3+ hotel, or at a grand retreat center nestled in luxurious woodland surrounded by mountains.

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Travel authors

Ann Goryainova
Sergei Shumilov
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