“Our longed for Georgia”

This is a journey for the courageous, inquisitive and sophisticated travelers, for the enthusiasts of unusual, spiritual, trekking, solitary and sometimes dangerous natural tourism. We will walk untrodden paths, rarely taken by tourists. A walking or horseback riding journey in Tusheti and Khevsureti is a very rare, almost exclusive offer at the travel market.

Tusheti is a highland region in Georgia, incredibly beautiful, misterious and pollutant-free place in Caucasus, where people still live by the rules of their ancestors. You will see breathtaking highland panoramas, ancient defense towers and get to know old Georgian customs. He regions of Tusheti and Khevsureti are mystic lands, available for tourists several months in a year. From October to June they are isolated from the civilized life by snow, and local people migrate to the capital or to the vicinity for the winter.

What’s ahead of you:

  • A 7-day travel through incredible, hard-to-reach and stunningly beautiful parts of Georgia;
  • Real trials (this trekking route is on the list of the most complicated Georgian treks).
  • The most beautiful and breathtaking Georgian mountain sights, fantastic dawns and sunsets;
  • A night in tents at the Khidotani Ridge;
  • Horse-riding expeditions in the mountains;
  • A journey along one of the three world’s most dangerous roads;
  • Several mountain passes;
  • Adventures and dangers;
  • Professional photo and video shooting throughout the journey to present you with a photo archive and a video film.
  • A relaxing day at a good hotel in Kakheti after the trek.
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