“Our longed for Georgia”

“Our longed for Georgia”

24 – 31 August 2019

24 August — Shatili

Shatili is a highland village in a historic region in Georgia, Khevsureti. It is located on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, in the deep Arghuni gorge, 2 km away from Itum-Kalinsky District in Chechnya. The only motor way which we will take is a dirt road via the mountain pass called the “Bear's Cross.”

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26 August  The Atsunta Pass (3,430 m)

Today we will climb down the Khidotani Ridge and cross the picturesque Atsunta Pass. On our way you will have a chance to admire Tebulos Mta, the highest snow-capped peak of the Eastern Caucasus. Its height is 4,500 m.

After crossing the pass we will descend to the gorge where we will stay for the night in tents near the mountain river.

Expedition’s most difficult day A pass technically and physically difficult to cross.

Distance: 15 km, ascent 830 m, descent 1,030 m

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27 August  Chesho, Girevi

Today we will take a 17 km walk to Chesho and Girevi villages.  Here we will be able to stay at the guest house for the night and rest up, try aludi – the traditional Tusheti beer.

Distance: 17 km, descent 450 m

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28 August — Dartlo

Dartlo is a fantastically beautiful village. On our way we will have a glimpse of Parsma – a Tusheti village rarely visited by tourists where there is no hotels or guest houses. This place is filled with warmth and authenticity.

After lunch you can explore Kvavlo Fortress.

Distance: 7 km, descent 150 m

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29 August – Omalo

Today we will move on to Omalo – the village where one of the most beautiful scenes from a famous Soviet film “Mimino” was shot. 


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30 August  Descent to Kakheti

Today we will have a real spiritual trial. We will have a jeep drive down to Telavi through a picturesque Abano Pass along the road considered to be among the three world’s most dangerous roads!

We will move over to a Kakheti hotel to have some rest and relaxation that we all have deserved. Tasty dinner, hot shower, comfortable bed, warmth – how much all these words mean to a mountain traveler...

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31 August  Returning to Tbilisi

Let us know in advance if you need our support before or after the journey in Tusheti and Khevsureti – we will be happy to help you choose a hotel in Tbilisi, organize a city tour.

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Cost of the journey: $1,990


Included in the price:

  • A 7-day expedition through Georgia’s most beautiful and hardest-to-reach places – Tusheti and Khevsureti;
  • Several horses per group for carrying tents and food;
  • Horses for the whole group to ascend to the highland Lake Oreti on the last day;
  • Tent rental;
  • Transfers throughout the entire tour (jeeps);
  • Snacks during the trek;
  • 4 nights at guest houses with breakfast;
  • Author’s en route escort;
  • Professional photo and video shooting throughout the journey to present you with a photo archive and a video film.
  • A night at a good Kakheti hotel upon return, farewell dinner.


What is not included in the price:

  • Plane tickets;
  • Insurance;
  • Personal horse (in case you want to have a “light duty” expedition, we advise you to ask for a special horse for you) – $200 for all the 7 days in the mountains;
  • Lunches and dinners apart from snacks (we won’t have this opportunity everywhere).
  • Personal expenses.
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