Сaves of Imereti and mountains of Svaneti

Places to visit: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Sataplia, Batumi, Mestia, Ushguli, Mtskheta

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights

Legend says that, in search of the Golden Fleece, Jason went to the kingdom of Colchis. The Argonauts were struck by the beauty and wealth of the royal palace, with its majestic towers and high fortified walls. Jason obtained the “golden fleece” with the help of Medea, the king’s daughter. During the program, you will visit the great kingdom of Colchis, the mountainous Svaneti and find out how the legend of the Golden Fleece is connected with reality.

Dates: Year-round

Min number of participants: 4

Программа путешествия

DAY 1.
Arrival. Meeting at the Airport, transfer, hotel accommodation
DAY 2.
The city of Kutaisi is the famous capital of the kingdom of Colchis, which hides the secret of the Golden Fleece, of the love of Jason and Medea. The ship of the Argonauts sailed to the rich shores of the kingdom of Colchis to get the Golden Fleece many centuries ago. Sightseeing tour of the city, with a tour of the Cathedral of Bagrati. Excursion to the speleological cave Sataplia.
DAY 3.
Transfer to the city of Batumi. It is one of the most beautiful cities on the Colchis Plain, with a beautiful boulevards, architecture and nature. Sightseeing tour around Batumi. On the way from Kutaisi to Batumi we visit the museum of the city Vani.
DAY 4.
Excursion to the fortress of Gonio, which was a Roman outpost on the Black Sea from the 1st to 2nd centuries AD. It was a well-fortified Roman city in Colchis. A walk in the unique botanical garden of Batumi.
DAY 5.
Transfer to Svaneti. According to the legend, gold in the Caucasus was mined by immersing the skin of a sheep in the waters of a gold-bearing river; the fleece where particles of gold was settled used to receive a great value. The gold-bearing rivers gave rise to the top of the Caucasus mountains in the Svaneti region - the edge of a thousand towers. Walk in Mestia.
DAY 6.
The edge of a thousand towers. The main part of the Svan residential building is the tower. The tower is a multi-faceted stone tower, its height can reach 25 meters, served mainly as a defensive structure. In Svaneti are the main peaks of the Caucasus and the largest glaciers, which cover up to 300 square km of territory and looks like an ice armor towers over the Caucasus. The main peaks: Tsurungala (4220 m), Ailama (4550 m), Shkhara (5068 m), Djanga (5060 m), Gestola (4860 m), Tikhtingeni (4620 m), Tetnuldi (4860 m), Mazeri (4010 m) , Chatini (4370 m). The well-known two-headed steep rocky massif of Ushba (4700 m) is right there.
DAY 7.
Excursion to the village of Ushguli. Ushguli is a fabulous village, the highest mountain settlement in Europe (over 2200 m above sea level), the land of numerous towers and ancient temples. The architectural ensemble Ushguli is a valuable architectural and historical monument, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village has preserved traditional Svan tower houses. On the hill next to the village is the Church of Our Lady (Lamaria), built in the XI century.
DAY 8.
Transfer to Tbilisi.
DAY 9.
A tour around Tbilisi with sightseeing of the main city attractions: Old Tbilisi, the maidan and sulfur baths, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Narikala fortress, Metekhi plateau, Synagogue, Mosque, glass bridge of the world, city fortress wall, Rustaveli avenue, Freedom square, Sharden street, modern parts of the city.
DAY 10.
Airport transfer.


  • 4-5 человек от $1600/чел.
  • 6-8 человек от $1520/чел.
Cost includes: Hotel accommodation with breakfast, transport service according to the program, entrances to all museums and parks according to the program, gala dinner. The price is per person for DBL accommodation.

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