Pilgrimage to Tibet «Rebirth»

More than 3 million people come to Tibet every year. Visitors to this majestic country range from unusual adventurers to seekers of spiritual enlightenment, as well as those who simply need a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. They have one thing in common – at the end, they all find answers to their questions.

Tibet is a place where history meets magic and spirituality, leaving a mark on the hearts of everyone who bravely discovers this wonderful country.

Kailas is the destination of our journey

The sacred mountain Kailas (6714 m) is the holy mountain for six religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Tengriism, Bon religion and Ayyavari religion. It beckoning to itself those who have lost the meaning of life and those who wish to find new goals.

Kora (circumambulation) around Mount Kailas is an attempt to change one's life, the course of one's thoughts, it is a journey into oneself. It is believed that for three days of walking our soul symbolically lives another life, leaves the real karma behind and gets an opportunity to change its destiny.

If we measure the route not in the number of spiritual revelations, but in kilometers, we will have to walk 53 km. Usually it takes three days, although many Tibetans walk this route in one day. For pilgrims and tourists along the route there are shelters where you can spend the night and warm up a little.

To those who have passed Kora around Kailas it seems that finally everything in life has become clear and understandable. The feeling of fear and fuss disappears, new thoughts and fresh decisions appear in the head. Buddhists calling this feeling «a moment of enlightenment».

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