A trip to Tibet is not an ordinary trip. This journey is more spiritual than physical. It is a path of purification that has no price. You can’t get into Tibet easily – Tibet is always “calling”. Calling those who are ready to see the world as it is, without illusions. Tibetan land and Mount Kailash are calling you when you are ready for the final purification of your soul and enlightenment. This is the very journey after which you will be changed completely and irrevocably, as well as you will change your life. If you heard the call of Mount Kailash, you should know that you will not be back the same.

Mount Kailash (6714 m) is the main goal of our trip. It is a sacred mountain, the “heart of the world” and the “axis of the earth” for six religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Tengrianism, the Bon and the Ayyavari religions. Kora around Kailash, passed with bright thoughts, improves your  karma, brings the forgiveness and possibility to start a new life, gaining new horizons.

This trip is led by two people - Margo Bekker (Buddhist, a long-term practitioner of meditation and yoga, the founder of Freemocean), together with the famous traveler Dmitry Prikhodko (travel agency WoolyBully), who held over 80 expeditions around the world and 39 successful Outer and Inner Koras around Kailas .

The exclusivity of this expedition also lies in the ability to make the Inner Kora at 5850m altitude and approach the southern gates of the mysterious world inside Kailash.

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