Transformation Journey

What’s ahead of you?

8 days of traveling in stunningly beautiful places, companionship of spiritually close people, immersion in local culture, bathing in the Black Sea, 2 hours of individual coaching by Maria Apakidze.

What will we do during the journey?

  • Admire the natural splendor of Georgia, climb onto viewing platforms to delight in breathtaking sights, bathe in the sea, sunbathe, take selfies against the backdrop of canyons and waterfalls, visit sacred temples and power places;
  • Talk to Georgians – warm, hospitable and friendly nation who can rejoice, sing and enjoy life no matter what!
  • Taste authentic savory dishes of Georgian cuisine and famous wine No.
  • Talk a lot, laugh a lot and take pictures.

Why Georgia?

Georgia is an incredibly beautiful country. It is remarkable for variety of natural scenery, numerous power places, authentic cuisine and wine, comfortable weather all the year round, no visa, short flight.

Georgians are warm, friendly and sincere people who can sing, make merry, have it large and enjoy life no matter what. We have something to learn from them! They treat us as long-awaited guests, not as clients. This is what’s lacking in Russian metropolises.

It is so easy to delight in simple things in Georgia – fresh air, pure water, natural food, nice trinkets from a local antique market.

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