Yoga Adventure

To Georgia! To experience new emotions, impressions, thoughts, colors.  To discover your new self. There are journeys that make us a different person in the end. They fill our souls with light, warmth, joy, inspiration and a resolute desire to act. Our best qualities and talents wake up, take shape, fill our life with new meaning and new experiences.

We call for those who strive to push on to the next level in life and business, open up clear vision of the next stage, find development options, fully reboot yourself spiritually and physically. Daily yoga and meditation practices in the mountains will help you relax and be at peace and in harmony with yourself. 

If you want to experience highlights in company of people you share spiritual affinity with and come back with energy boost and drive for the year ahead, fully reboot and renew yourself emotionally and physically, see authentic places in Georgia away from tourist trails – then our yoga adventure is for you!

What’s ahead of you:

  • A 9-day travel through stunning non-touristy parts of Georgia;
  • A two-day horseback riding expedition in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park;
  • Acquaintance with spiritually close people;
  • A dive into local culture;
  • Talking to Georgians – a warm, hospitable and friendly nation who can rejoice, sing and enjoy life no matter what;
  • Morning yoga, meditation and pranayama practices with Margo Becker;
  • Evening coaching with Maria Apakidze;
  • Off-site event photo and video shooting to present you in the end with the photo archive;
  • Incredible Georgian food, fragrant wines and fresh mountain air;
  • Adventures! We guarantee, you are sure to have them! 
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